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 Thank you for checking out Personal Training and Group Fitness located in Monmouth and Ocean County New Jersey. We are an all inclusive personal training & group training Monmouth county and ocean county. We offer private Personal Training and group fitness classes throughout New Jersey. We specialize in functional fitness and sports specific training. We are passionate about fitness and helping others change their lives through exercise.
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Benefits of Personal Training:

In 2018 the U.S department of Health and Human Services released it’s 2nd edition Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans. The guidelines state less than 5% of Adults meet the minimum requirement of regular fitness. This equates to 1 in 5 Americans meeting the minimum suggested amount of weekly exercise.  In the United States approximately 40% of adults now qualify as obese, with the trend continuing in that direction.

So, what are the benefits of having a personal trainer? Figuring out the correct exercise routine can be intimidating especially when someone has been out of the gym for an extended time.  Taking Group class training led by a certified  New Jersey personal trainer can assist you on your path. If you prefer to take a more direct approach, hiring a personal trainer can catapult your growth in the gym and your health.

One of the largest benefits of personal training is the foundation of various exercises and routines built during the sessions. In addition a trainer is there to  hold you accountable to your fitness goals.    Participating in different fitness practices such as, yoga, pilates, HIIT, Martial arts, or Cross-training, can help keep your fitness fun and interesting. This is something a Personal Trainer is going to help you achieve if that is part of your goal.
When you first visit a personal trainer they are going to perform a comprehensive assessment of your current fitness level. This will give you and the trainer a baseline of exactly where you are with your fitness today. They will go through some basic questions such as:  age, weight, conditioning, previous exercise history, injuries, and most of all your GOALS!

 Do you want to lose weight and/ or body fat? Is cardiac health your top priority? Is it weight training for weight loss? Full body to focus on functional fitness? Is it partner training with a friend or another client to build accountability?
Maybe the best fit is driven by the personal training cost so you choose partner training, group training or group fitness classes? There is no wrong answer just plenty of options to discuss with a fitness professional like a certified personal trainer.
The more information you provide the better understanding a trainer can have of your current status and future goals.  With this information they develop a personalized fitness program to help you achieve your goals and optimal health. A trainer thrives on the success of clients.

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 A few things you can (and should) expect from a our Personal Trainers:
        -A lengthy discuss about your overall health and fitness
        -A discussion about previous injuries or surgeries
        -A Discussion about any existing or past medical issues
        -Questions regarding any medications you’re currently taking
       -Expect to be pushed
 -Expect to be sore
       -Expect to be uncomfortable
       -EXPECT RESULTS ( if you follow the plan developed for you by your trainer)
     A trainer should guide you through learning new exercises and introduce you to new and challenging workout routines. They can provide you with a few weight loss tips as well to assist you on the journey. A trainer managing your form can increase the effectiveness dramatically and help avoid injury.

This is why it’s important to check the personal trainer certification is one of the New Jersey recognized certified personal training programs. Some of the common trainer certificates are NCSF, ACE,NASM, ACSM,NFPT,NSCA, and NESTA. These are just some of the most commonly recognized programs.
 A trainer will set up a personal training program to help achieve your fitness goals. If you follow the plan and execute as your instructed the trainers cost will be completely justified by the results! A trainer will be there to keep you motivated and on top of your fitness.

​In 2018 The US Department of Health and Human services put out a new Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans. In the guideline it states, the average American should perform 150 to 300 minutes of vigorous aerobic activity each week.

What are the Benefits of Regular Physical Fitness 

Weight loss- Let’s get right to it, weight loss is what most of us at the gym are after. We want to shed those extra pounds and body fat that just seemed to creep up on us over the years. This is why most of us head back to the gym or start to look for the guidance of a professional trainer.

Improve mood- Working out regularly has been shown to improve mood by reducing anxiety through the release of serotonin in the brain. This can have a calming effect, reduce tension, and help ward off stress.

Increase energy Levels- Regular fitness will increase blood flow to the heart and tissues in the body while increasing muscle. When the heart and lungs function better the body feels more energized.

Better Quality of Sleep-  Exercising 2.5-5 hours/ week will cause fatigue. The resulting sleep should be deeper longer periods of rest.

Better Sexual performance/ experience – In studies both men and women have stated that they experienced more enjoyable sex when exercising regularly.

Increase Confidence- Seeing the results of hard work can lead to an increase in personal confidence. Seeing  the results of hard work can instill a feeling of pride for what has been accomplished.

Increase Athletic Performance- In sports today if you want to compete or perform at a high level training is essential. Whether you are training for surfing, snowboarding, baseball, basketball, soccer a personal trainer is going to take you abilities to another level. Many of us want to travel and .enjoy our sports and adventures as we age, regular physical activity is the key component to making that a reality.

Reduce health problems- Regular exercise can reduce development of many health problems. Daily exercise can reduce the risk of developing type 2 diabetes and increase circulation throughout the body by getting your heart pumping.  This can decrease the odds of stroke, heart disease, high blood pressure, as well as other health conditions. It is suggested by the Mayo Clinic  to maintain moderate intensity workouts on a regular bases to help treat Restless Leg Syndrome (RLS). 

Types of Fitness Training

Strength Training – Strength training relies on the principles of using resistance to increase lean muscle,  bone density, and cardiac health.

Aerobic Conditioning – Aerobic conditioning is any type of Cardiovascular activity. Aerobic conditioning is referring to the bodies use of oxygen to produce energy to perform a  task or exercise.

Cross-Training – Cross-Training is a combination of fitness routines. The concept revolves around functional fitness.

Balance Training – Balance training  focuses on legs and core muscles as well as  neuromuscular training. These muscles are important to core strength and overall body stability.

Core Conditioning – Core workouts and core exercises are about building a stronger abdominal muscles, lower back muscles, and hip area. These muscles can improve posture and reduce the risk of lower back injury.

​High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) –  High Intensity Training is short burst of exercises (20 seconds) followed by a short rest (40 seconds). This keeps your heart rate up for longer periods of time and typically can be done as a shorter workout.

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A certified fitness professional providing one on one or small group strength training and weight loss services through athletic environments such as a gym, personal training studio, or home workout session.


personal trainer will vary in price based on training level and year of knowledge and success. Those trainers who have a rich history of elevating their clients will charge more and be in higher demand than a brand new trainer.


People who are interested in developing a fitness routine and have success through proper training and motivation.

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