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The Benefits of Group Fitness Classes

     If you’re intimidated by the idea of a group fitness class, you’re not alone. This is often the case with those who are new to the idea of group fitness or maybe people who do not like to workout. However, there are many benefits to group exercise classes that we will discuss today. By the end of this article, you will realize all of the benefits of fitness training in a group setting and will be excited to schedule your first class. We have group fitness available throughout New Jersey.

​ What is Group Exercise? 

     Group workouts are generally held at a central location such as a gym or a park. You can attend group exercise classes by yourself or bring a group of friends with you. The goal of group exercise classes is to help you be accountable for your health goals and enjoy the

company of other people while you workout. Group workout classes are generally hosted by trainers, so you will have access to a trainer to help you shape your workout regimen during and outside of the class.

When you chose to work out in a group class, you’ll automatically be held accountable for your workout. If you don’t show up, your classmates will miss seeing you. Plus, if you chose to skip a workout, your classmates will be making progress without you. This seems to be a great motivator for those who are naturally competitive.

Take your Friends
If you take your pals to the workout class with you, you will have a motivational team surrounding you at all times! This will also help with your accountability with regards to your fitness goals because your group chat will be blowing up if you even think about skipping a class. 

Discover New Ways to Workout
If you are working out at home or at the gym by yourself, you may not get a lot of variety in your workouts. This is a problem because when you get bored with your workouts you may not give them 100% of your effort. When you are craving something different in your workout routine, you can look into group fitness classes to find something fresh and new. There are group fitness classes for all types of workouts ranging from yoga to strength training. Group fitness in New Jersey has become the goto exercise program for 2020!

You’ll Fall in Love Fast 
Another one of the benefits of group training is that you’ll actually have fun! A lot of people dread workout because they can be difficult to complete physically and emotionally. When you go to a group workout class, you’ll find that you may forget you are actually working out! These classes usually have a skilled trainer to help you through the workouts and encourage you throughout the entire class. You’ll also usually find upbeat motivating music in these classes. Plus, everyone there is just as motivated as you are to reach their peak fitness which can be contagious! 

     Whether you decide to join a group workout class for yourself or to keep one of your pals happy, you’ll soon find that you are enjoying the benefits of group personal training. One study found that a whopping 95% of those who started a group class with their peers stuck with it until the end of the program ( This group exercises statistic shows the monumental impact that group workouts can have on your life. Whether you are looking for strength training, yoga, pilates, cardio, or even walking, there is a group workout class for you. What are you waiting for? Schedule your first group personal training workout class today! We hope to see you soon!


A group fitness class is a group of individuals who join a fitness program with a certified personal trainer and work out together in a classroom type setting. This can be done as everyone doing the same exercises together or a series exercises laid out in stations and performed one station at a time and rotating around.


group fitness classes are an amazing motivator for many individual because they see peers performing the same exercises and varying fitness levels. A class also acts a a group of accountability partners.


Group fitness classes are a less expensive way of getting a modified personal training setup.


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